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Welcome to Athletes for College, Inc

At Athletes for College, Inc we are dedicated to helping the student athlete achieve Their goal of playing his or her sports at the college level. Using our database technology we can match your skill level, ability, grades, to schools you are interested in. At a success rate over 95% and an average scholarship per year at over $15,000. AFC is the right choice for you !

Did you know ?

Over 8 million student athletes in the USA. Less than 1% will receive a full ride D1 Scholarship. Most colleges coaches have less than $1,000 in their budget to recruit players each year. The recruiting process is complex which requires experience and knowledgeable professionals the ability to maximize each student athlete’s academic and athletic capabilities.


If you are serious about playing in college, follow these 3 simple steps.


Create your Free Athletic Profile to enter Athletes For College Recuiting Database.



Collegiate-bound athlets receive a professional evaluation to breakdown their skill level for college competition.



AFC streamlines the recruiting process by instantly connecting our Premium Athletes to our database of over 38,000 college coaches.


Why Choose Us

The first thing most parents who are venturing into the world of college recruiting for the first time want to know is this most basic question:

I want to get my child a college athletic scholarship, but how do I start this process?

Athletes For College has a proven track record when it comes to securing deserving student athletes athletic and academic scholarships.

The biggest asset AFC can offer is access to college coaches. Athletes for College has developed great relationships with college coaches over the years of helping them with their recruiting needs. AFC uses former professional athletes/coaches and former Division 1 athletes/coaches to evaluate each athlete. These evaluator's break down an athlete's ability to to determine what College level they will be able to compete and earn scholarships at. College coaches appreciate the evaluation process by a qualified person who knows what ability it takes to play at each College level.

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What Parents Say

  • Ben Nelson at Athletes for College was very helpful in our search for a college for our daughter. She is a senior in high school and we didn’t know what to do. We got in contact with him and the rest was easy. All I had to do is get him game video and he did the rest. Right away we started getting emails and calls that we needed to follow up with. If I ever had questions Ben was there to answer and help me through situations. Ben has your best interest at heart and will do his best to get you all the contacts and from there it is up to you.

    Dori DeLaunay